Our services allow clients to establish full commercial visibility of their property portfolios, delivering trusted advice and, ultimately, establishing coordinated strategies that drive business value while managing risk.

We recognise that our client’s main business is often not focused on real estate. With that in mind, we leverage global scale and central coordination to respond successfully to market conditions and ensure alignment with your wider business strategy.

What we offer:

Corporate strategies: Establishing and coordinating action plans; offering innovative occupier solutions.

Consulting services: Providing location and workplace analysis, calculating the benefits of a renegotiation, a relocation or a lease or buy transaction.

Transaction Management: Leasehold/freehold acquisitions and disposals, lease renegotiations and lease surrenders, sale-and-lease back structures, build-to-suit solutions.

Global portfolio management

We provide unrivalled expertise in streamlining the transaction process, saving you time and money on everything from one-off transactions to the global management of your portfolio and rental obligations.

Cost savings

Our trusted advisory service on portfolio management and strategy can quickly identify cost savings in your business, typically saving around 20% through optimisation of your transaction footprint.

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Professional project management maximizes commercial value of the property and makes it compliant with international design and construction standards.
Optimal performance for your assets and buildings.
By outsourcing the management of rent payments and portfolio obligations to our team, we will deliver savings, reduce risk and manage landlord and sub-tenant interactions on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives.
CBRE is the leading global provider of Workplace services, helping businesses identify and implement workplace solutions that improve employee engagement and deliver great business results.