Why is Sustainability important?


Regulations in the field of energy and sustainability change rapidly.Compliance with these regulations is a basic requirement for every building owner and user, as well as the property developer. We create an overview for you to see if and how you comply with current and future regulations, and where your possible risks lie.

Financial benefits

Sustainable buildings are financially more attractive, because tenants are increasingly demanding sustainability. Banks now include sustainability in their financing conditions, and pension funds are steering their investment policy towards more sustainable options. A solid sustainability strategy can result in significant savings on your renovation plans.

Future ready

We are eager to team up with you to achieve your sustainability ambitions and make sure that your real estate is ready for the future. Sustainability contributes to a healthy working environment and heightens the performance of your organisation. We offer customisation so that you can obtain a better performance from your sustainable real estate, now and in the long term.


In Russia CBRE has several BREEAM Experts and Assessors, WELL Accredited Professional. We participate as a Global Associate Member of GRESB. Globally CBRE is a LEED Proven Provider in Operations and Maintenance (O+M) and Interior Design and Construction (ID+C). CBRE is a leader among certified companies in terms of volume of buildings sustainable certification in Moscow.

Our services

CBRE Sustainable team has been providing sustainable services in Russia more than 5 years and is experienced at the following fields:

  • Green building certification of new construction, refurbishment and fit-out projects, buildings in-Use and facility management according to the following sustainable and healthy standards:
    - BREEAM
    - LEED
    - WELL
  • Construction site activities supporting during new construction, refurbishment and fit-out projects certification
  • Consulting services of CBRE HEALTHY OFFICE standard assessing that includes:
    - Office initial audit
    - Measurements
    - Office quality improving recommendations
    - Healthy office certificate issuing after final audit
  • LLC, LCA of building products at all stages of its life cycle: extraction of raw materials, production, transportation, operation, repair and maintenance, disposal and recycling
  • Energy modelling
  • Sustainability consultancy for helping investor, occupier and developer clients to navigate legislation, reduce costs, improve asset performance and create more productive and healthy working environments
  • Sustainability Policy developing:
    - Establish goals
    - Development of strategy
    - Adaptation of the strategy in accordance with the requirements of well-known rating systems
  • Biodiversity management plan developing
  • Instrumental support for commissioning engineering systems (lighting and local air-conditioning)
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde measurements
  • Air and water substances measurements

Our projects


Construction work on the new headquarters for Asics – the sports and lifestyle brand – in Hoofddorp will commence in the summer of 2017. The office building’s prime focus will be human well-being and sustainable building-based solutions.

Officia III

To successfully relaunch Officia III on the rental market, a thorough renovation was needed to transform it into a sustainable multi-tenant building. On behalf of the owner, CBRE took care of the integral development and supervision of redevelopment up to and including the execution and completion of the renovations.