By outsourcing the management of rent payments and portfolio obligations to our team, we will deliver savings, reduce risk and manage landlord and sub-tenant interactions on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives.

Portfolio savings and efficiencies

Our market leading data analytics and insight will provide you with a clear view of your real estate portfolio, facilitating your property management by enabling you to easily track performance and work-in-progress activity.

Using powerful analytics tools, our experts will help you to identify efficiencies while aligning your real estate more closely with your corporate objectives. This process typically delivers savings of around 20% to our clients.

Our core portfolio services: 

  • Data Management / Lease Administration: We’ll enter and manage information from across your portfolio in a single database. Here, you’ll be able to immediately access all of the vital information connected to your property, including the type of lease and property, length of the lease, critical dates and when it can be changed.
  • Client Accounting: Our full property and lease accounting service includes accounts payable and receivable. We’ll ensure only contracted property charges are paid, such as rent rates, service charges, and insurance. The team also manages all financial lease accounting - property related payments from tenants; accurate budgets and business plans, and rent and service charge audits.

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